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Weddings are exciting, joyous events. But they aren’t known for being cheap. Oftentimes, in order to pull off a grand, memorable wedding, you’ll need to have the right amount of funds to cover the costs. In this case, you’ll need a good amount of it. Sometimes, it is not enough to just save up for the expenses involved. It might help to consider taking out a loan.

Getting A Personal Loan for Weddings

In the UK, weddings can cost between around £30,000. Even when you have help from both you and your partner’s family and you both have tried your best to save up too, there may still be a need for you to get your funds tipped up. A personal loan with low interest would be ideal for this purpose.

Is a wedding loan good?

If you want to borrow an ideal figure with an ideal interest rate to fund your wedding, a wedding loan between £7,500 and £15,000 would be a good choice. Generally, this loan amount would be charged around 4% of interest and this should immensely help with the wedding costs.

Loans like these tend to have fixed payments. This help you budget your finances effectively to ensure that you can get the repayments done on time. Generally, these loans are payable between one and five years. If you want an even lower rate, you can choose to pay it back within a shorter term. While this would mean higher monthly payments, ultimately, you save a ton of money due to lower interest costs.

Possible disadvantages

A wedding loan is most advantageous if you stick to borrowing figures between £7,500 and £15,000. Anything more or less this borrowing bracket would mean higher interest rates.

Your credit score is also another thing that lenders will be concerned with. So, a bad credit score will still mean higher interests even when you stick to the ideal borrowing figures. Ideally, a personal loan to fund a wedding is best for those borrowers who have managed a great credit score all this time. For those with bad scores, it would often mean getting charged expensive fees and interest or worse, getting rejected.

If your credit score is not in the best shape now and the wedding is still a bit far off, work on rebuilding and improving it. This should help increase your chances for approval as well as getting a better, more competitive loan offer from the lenders. 

Weddings are costly affairs. Despite your best effort at saving up as much as you can for the big day, with all the things that you need to pay for, you might need a little boosting by taking out a loan. While this should not be a problem if you have a good credit, getting approved might be a bit of a challenge if your credit is bad.

How To Acquire Wedding Loans with Bad Credit

Still, it is possible to secure financing despite the state of your credit. While many lenders are likely to close their doors on you due to your low credit, you’ll find that there are others who may be willing to take a chance on you, look beyond what your credit score says, and extend to you that much-needed cash for that perfect wedding day.

There are lenders out there that are willing to give poor credit borrowers a chance to take out a loan to finance their big day. Instead of focusing on your credit score, they will often look into your capacity to pay, the overall affordability of the loan you’re taking out when deciding whether to give you the green light or not.

You’ll be taking a personal loan. Since you have a less than stellar credit score and the loan will be unsecured, expect that the terms may not be as ideal as you would get if your credit score was excellent. However, this type of loan will give you the chance of a more convenient repayment since the costs can be spread out.

These are direct lenders too so expect that they will be able to process the application fast. It will usually take them a few minutes to decide on an application. The moment they grant loan approval, funds will usually be sent to your nominated bank account within a business day. The easy process involved in taking out loans of this kind makes them ideal for these couples in need of some financing to fund their special day.

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