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Yes. A loan against property, sometimes abbreviated as ‘LAP’, is actually one of the most common types of collateral-based loans. As the name suggests, you use your property as collateral if you wish to avail a loan. It is popular among homeowners who need large sums of money immediately.

Since LAPs offer the chance to borrow larger sums of money than average, employing property as collateral also involves a lengthy process of verification. If you’re considering opting for a loan against property, always keep the following things in mind:

· Prepare all the necessary legal document in advance – before a lending company approves LAPs, they have to find out whether the property is really yours to dispose of. If you want the loan application process to go smoother than expected, always have all documents about the property on hand.

· Do not borrow more than you can pay back – it is easy to be tempted, especially if a lot of money is involved. Always exercise caution when opting for LAPs as your source for emergency funds, since failure to pay means the permanent loss of your property.

· Take good care of your property – if you own a house, take good care of it. Lending companies judge the quality and overall resale value of the house in order to decide if you’re eligible for a loan or not. Factors such as quality, location, and aesthetic design all play a part in making or breaking a property loan.

Property loans are risky ventures, so always exercise prudence when choosing this method to obtain additional funds.

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