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Before taking out a loan, you should always take time to weigh their pros and cons before signing up for anything. Loans are there to satisfy your financial needs. But you must also understand that there will be costs associated with borrowing. Depending on the type of credit facility that you wish to take advantage of, this could be higher or lower in relation to how much you’re borrowing and how long you intend to get it paid off. 

Benefits of Applying for Loans

If you’re planning on taking out a payday loan, it is best that you get all grounds covered first before sending in an application. 

Fast access to instant cash

Payday loans have since earned a reputation of allowing borrowers to get their hands on cash fast. Application for these types of loans can be done online which means that borrowers no longer even have to leave home to take advantage of them. Since the process is done online, these types of loans boast of faster approval and quick releasing of funds too. This is why they are truly appropriate for emergency financial needs. 

Easier to qualify for

Borrowers are often subjected to a barrage of eligibility requirements before traditional lenders will allow them to borrow money. Payday lenders, however, are willing to assist those borrowers who are in dire financial need despite their credit score. Fast processing means one could get the application approved in a matter of minutes. In addition, providers aren’t fixated on your credit score alone. As long as you can satisfy their other criteria, they would be happy to get your application granted. 

A chance to improve your credit score

Payday loans can possibly offer you the opportunity to work on your credit score. Your payment history will be reflected on your credit record. As long as you keep up with your payment schedule and ensure that you get the payday loan and its interest covered on time, this can possibly reflect positively on your credit score. That and the chance to meet whatever financial emergency you may be in makes payday loans a handy tool when used right.

When you take out a loan, it’s usually because you’re in a bind financially and you need access to quick cash. Naturally, you’d want to know when you will get the funds. This depends on a number of factors- your lender of choice, the type of lender you’re referring to, and the amount of information you can provide to the lender.


These are often the first places that people turn to when getting a personal loan. These institutions are known for providing in-person service to their customers. They are also capable of getting the funds that you need fast which makes them ideal if your need is dire.

Some banks take a shorter time to get loans processed and approved, others take longer. After the approval you’ll also have to wait for the funds to be available to you. It might be available on the same day or it could take longer. From application to fund disbursement, it can take a few business days to two weeks.

Online lenders and banks

More borrowers are turning to online lenders due to the convenience that they offer. There are even some that specialise in providing personal loans with fast approval which make them really popular among the borrowing public. While the process involved in online loan applications is pretty much similar to an actual bank, you can save a lot of time since the paperwork can just get submitted electronically. This makes it so much easier to accomplish when you have electronic files of your finances.

Then, there is the approval. It usually takes faster for online banks and lenders to get loans processed and approved. Some can even do it on the same day you submit the application. Once approved, you’ll just wait for the funds to get posted on your account. often, this will take a day or so but there are online providers that can have the funds sent to your account in just a matter of hours.

Credit Unions

Compared to banks, credit unions tend to be community-based and are generally smaller. If you have been a long-term member of the credit union, then you get the advantage of getting the loan expedited. They offer better interest rates as well and may even have a program to help you with your current financial situation.

They usually take almost the same length of time as banks to get loans approved. However, since they do process fewer loans, they might get the approval done at a much quicker rate.

Speeding up the process

There are things you can do to get lenders approve your loan faster. Checking their eligibility requirements ahead of time helps. Gathering all the documents they require of you is essential too. Also, it does help to have an outstanding credit score. 

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